BA(Hons) International Business 国际商务











IELTS/内测- 6.0 ,单科>5.5

















With burgeoning overseas markets looking for new trade opportunities, this top-up degree consolidates your business expertise in an international context, allowing you to advance your ability and confidence to source, engage and do business with new overseas partners, and ensure growth in any business.


What's covered in the course?

This course allows you not only to extend the breadth of your knowledge in the key business disciplines, but also to align your studies to your own career aims, with close guidance from your tutor.

Typical study areas may include: Globalisation, International Marketing, International Business Strategy, and Business Operations and Systems, Making Sense of Organisations, Business Statistics and Managing and Leading Strategic Change.

Alongside conventional exams, you will be assessed via a range of methods designed to reflect the challenges you will encounter, including business reports, case studies, individual and group presentations, portfolios and projects.

“The course challenges me academically; with smaller class sizes in seminars I am able to participate and learn a lot more in depth.” Adam Walker


Why Choose Us?

  • The course offers flexibility of module choice, and the freedom to plan your own curriculum in line with your career focus.
  • You can be sure to enjoy a high level of individual attention as you work through the course.
  • Our expert staff will be able to bring you insights from the sharp end of business practice.
  • You will gain insight from the cultural, professional and commercial perspectives of some 3,000 students from over 80 countries at Birmingham City Business School.
  • This world of experience will be further enhanced by the input, opinions and ideas of course colleagues who will have arrived from various business courses, as well as from academic and professional routes.





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